Saturday, November 9, 2013

Great Cartoons of the World Series 6, part 5

Continued from last week, excerpts from the 1972 edition of Great Cartoons of the World, Series 6.

From the introduction written by editor John Bailey again:

It is rare of any artist to treat of timeless issues. Very little art of any kind has survived. The timely cartoonist, by contrast, must be ahead of his time and be able to predict a trend. When something new appears he must decide whether or not it is going to fizzle out before he can get his cartoon to market. He must think quickly and think ahead in order to avoid turning in dated work. He deals not only with what is generally current, but with what happened last week and what will happen this week.

It is a common experience to try to remember a funny cartoon, and not quite be able to remember it. Too many fine cartoons are thrown out with the fish. This book, then, is an attempt to put some of the best cartoons between hard covers, where they will be safe. I am perfectly sure that some of them will be valid twenty years hence. And—timelessness is tricky—I am pretty sure that at least a few will be valid a hundred years from now

Another handiwork cartoon from Punch by Terrence “Larry” Parkes
Norman Thelwell
Jules Stauber
J. M. Bosc
Ton Smits
Norman Thelwell again
Robert Day
The rest of this post is by John Glashan

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