Monday, November 4, 2013


The July 1981 issue of Crazy has their parody of the 1980 movie version of Flash Gordon punning Ming's line “Puny earthlings, who will save you now?” they used in most ads for the movie.
The characters in the Starsky and Hutch parody are supposed to be Cannon and Ironside.
Mary Wilshire
The Kinetic Kids was a feature by Stephen Mellor in which the pages were to be flipped back and forth to simulate animation.
Years ago in college my friend Marc and I met Michael Carlin (whom I've worked with since) at a cartoonist alumni retrospective and told him we recognized his work from Crazy, for which he was one of the primary contributors. His response was “I should give you your money back”
They used Howard the Duck as one of their running features. In earlier issues under a different editor they were one-page jokes that could have featured anyone, but this was their attempt to tie it back to the spirit of the original strip before it was buried permanently by the movie version.

“Bite the Wax Tadpole” was an urban legend about how Coca-Cola allegedly was originally translated when they tried to market it to China.
Parody of Battle of the Network Stars, TV's bridge between “jiggle TV” and reality TV.
At the time, most comic books had ads for Hostess cakes of their characters. I believe this was by Paul Kirchner.

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