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I posted Volume 5 a long time ago, so I've jumped from 4 to 6. Sorry for doing things out of order (it's complicated), but for all intents and purposes it doesn't really matter what order this is in anyway. This is the sixth annual series from 1972, edited by John Bailey.

As the cover flap says of this book:

“All the wold loves a cartoon, for in the cartoon world everyone is represented—the rich and the poor, the successes and the failures, the young and the old—and everyone is equally comic and vulnerable. Once again John Bailey has collected a wealth of fun and fantasy in cartoon form by such figures as William Steig, Terence Parkes, Ton Smits, Vahan Shirvanian, Charles Addams, and scores more. Culled from the richest sources of humor, such as The New Yorker, Punch, and Paris Match, this delightful compendium reveals how universal and timeless cartoons really are.

From political satire to generation-gap quickies, Great cartoons of the World presents a microcosm of the world we all live in, allowing us to view it through the eyes of some of the sharpest and wittiest people drawing today.

As John Bailey says: 'It is a common experience to try to remember a funny cartoon, and not quite be able to remember it. Too many fine cartoons are thrown out with the fish. This book, then, is an attempt to put some of the best cartoons between hard covers, where they will be safe. I am perfectlyy sure that some of them will be valid twenty years hence.'”
Jules Stauber
George Price in The New Yorker.
Michael Ffolkes
These next three are from an endless series of gags Terrence “Larry” Parkes did for Punch of a man trying to do “woman's work”.
Frank Modell for The New Yorker again. The editor writes of this cartoon in the introduction:

“Some cartoons contain both the elements of timeliness and timelessness. Modell's upside-down stocking, 'You call that hung by the chimney with care?' shows a contemporary child within the context of timeless Christmas. It is the father who has the sense of the historic Christmas.”
Charles Elmer Martin
Norman Thelwell
Anatol Kovarsky
William Steig
Stanislav Holý

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