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Highlights from the February 1981 issue of Crazy from February 1981.

This cover by Bob Larkin is the final appearance of The Nebbish as their mascot which their new editor was replacing with Obnoxio the Clown to better tie the magazine in with the Marvel Universe. It's also a pre-cursor to the now-clichéd “evil clown” archetype.
Parody of the Blues Brothers movie.
Arnoldo Franchioni
In keeping a “Mike Mine Marvel” slant in the magazine, there was this article by Paul Kirchner, known primarily for The Bus.
Mary Wilshire doing their recurring “Fantasy vs. Reality” feature.
This is the first gif I made. I'm so proud.

Actually, it's no big deal. I did it because this new feature by Steve Mellor required you to flip the pages back and forth to create the effect of animation.
Howard Cruse.
Parody of WKRP In Cincinatti, one of the many sitcoms that makes smaller cities seem like cool places to live.

A long time ago I printed a letter from someone in Magic Whistle about this very article. It said in part: “[...] inside it looks like I drew nipples on all the female characters' breasts with a blue felt-tip pen. Not even nipples really, just blue dots. The Kent Gamble-drawn Loni Anderson looks particularly fetching”
After the cancellation of Sick magazine, Jack Sparling found a home in Crazy for the silent one-page feature he was doing for them.
Parody of the ads for the fact cards Grolier used to advertise. The art for this was done by Ed Davis.

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