Thursday, September 12, 2013

National Screw, part 3

More from the national version of Screw entitled, appropriately enough, National Screw circa 1975 or 1976. I published previous excerpts last week.

No need to say what this is a parody of. By occasional National Lampoon contributor Dean Latimer.
A look at Valentina before it was serialized in Heavy Metal.  photo 9-12-6_zps35c0011d.jpg  photo 9-12-7_zps12e10361.jpg  photo 9-12-8_zps97b8693d.jpg  photo 9-12-9_zps84e348b5.jpg  photo 9-12-10_zps6ff44f15.jpg Reason I put the age disclaimer here in the first place.  photo 9-12-11_zpsf6aa2f17.jpg  photo 9-12-12_zps1157f6c4.jpg  photo 9-12-13_zps026ce4bc.jpg  photo 9-12-14_zps055616bf.jpg

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