Thursday, September 19, 2013

Men's magazine cartoons again part 1,000,000

I had it written down somewhere. I don't remember if it was Swank or Scamp that I got these cartoons from. I remember it was from 1967 though.

The sixties were a wild time as you shall see.

If you went to a psychiatrist you were obviously horny.
I don't quite get this. I think he has a camera before he approaches corners to see who's there? Is that a device people had in the sixties?
Women didn't like their husbands to do things.
Beards were the same as hair buns.
See two cartoons ago.
World leaders were vain and corrupt, unlike now.
Teachers had to defend themselves from their students.
You could be spied on anywhere, unlike now.
Hieroglyphics were the equivalent of Roman letters.
Guys liked to have sex with their secretaries.
Modern art was hard to figure out.
Same theme as two cartoons ago.
Hippies not only shunned baths, but wanted to get away from the opportunity to even take one if possible.

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