Saturday, September 21, 2013

Great Cartoons of the World Volume IV, part 9

More from Great Cartoons of the World, Volume 4 from 1970, edited by John Bailey.

Vladimir Renčin  photo 9-14-1_zpsb7c0a93e.jpg Boris Drucker  photo 9-14-2_zps6f099c79.jpg These two pages by Jean-Jacques Sempé  photo 9-14-3_zps39d28bd4.jpg  photo 9-14-4_zps8d90da16.jpg Anatol Kovarsky  photo 9-14-5_zps852a9dd7.jpg Miroslav Barták  photo 9-14-6_zps0aa7488f.jpg Anatol Kovarsky again  photo 9-14-7_zps9d8857ff.jpg Three variations of the “beggar with hat” gag by Cesc  photo 9-14-8_zps97b6b8c9.jpg  photo 9-14-9_zpsa7ccb80d.jpg  photo 9-14-10_zps4a19162a.jpg Let's see you try to scan something going across two pages like in this The New Yorker gag by Robert Day  photo 9-14-11_zps114179bd.jpg Henry Syverson  photo 9-14-12_zps7c459c67.jpg There seem to be more beggars with hats in Europe, if the three cartoons above and this one by Miroslav Barták are any indication.  photo 9-14-13_zpsa94a742b.jpg

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