Monday, July 22, 2013


Here's what America was laughing at in the newest issue of Crazy from September 1979  photo 7-22-1_zpsec72f171.jpg I had Mike Weiss's memoirs of writing for them a couple weeks ago.  photo 7-22-2_zpsb6e0e72c.jpg He also mentioned in an e-mail having written their parody of Fantasy Island which was twice as long and when published was completely different, learning the hard way that a writer's credit is often just a courtesy.  photo 7-22-3_zps0d62735c.jpg  photo 7-22-4_zps4468bf34.jpg The teacher against the wall motif was the cover of an issue of Sick that I'll post one of these days.  photo 7-22-5_zps2855cabd.jpg  photo 7-22-6_zps4dcbaae9.jpg  photo 7-22-7_zpsb2fe7c31.jpg Parody of the American Express commercial very similar to the one they did a few years earlier.  photo 7-22-8_zps64e24031.jpg  photo 7-22-9_zps1ea8bb2e.jpg  photo 7-22-10_zps0962279d.jpg  photo 7-22-11_zps1cc40baa.jpg I doubt even back then grade-school kids had any idea what Confidential Magazine was.  photo 7-22-12_zps63bc2552.jpg  photo 7-22-13_zps79dba0bb.jpg  photo 7-22-14_zps19e1781b.jpg Orville Fenderlob was a caricature of a different celebrity every time they used him, and here there was an interview to justify their Love At First Bite cover.  photo 7-22-15_zps601e4568.jpg The inside back cover was a sampler than said “Humor thy Father and Mother”, also recycled from an issue of Sick

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