Monday, June 17, 2013


Here's some “highlights” from the 46th issue of Crazy January 1979.  photo 6-17-1_zpseca4c6af.jpg The myth of the 50s perpetuated by this board game on the inside front and back covers.  photo 6-17-2_zps3776f4a8.jpg  photo 6-17-3_zps38113034.jpg There was all sorts of talk of cloning as if the result would be someone the exact age all articulate already.  photo 6-17-4_zps02a08dbe.jpg  photo 6-17-5_zps3eb29d40.jpg  photo 6-17-6_zps6580e56f.jpg Imitation of Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions in Mad which itself is taken from Rube Goldberg's Foolish Questions.  photo 6-17-7_zpsd7f0432a.jpg  photo 6-17-8_zps611b07d7.jpg  photo 6-17-9_zpse0fd6e0a.jpg  photo 6-17-10_zps6fb821a1.jpg  photo 6-17-11_zps38adc885.jpg Clockwise from top left: Herve Villechaise, Jimmy Stewart, Liberace, Richard Pryor, Woody Allen, Milton Berle, ?, Tiny Tim, Don Rickles, Dick Van Dyke, some of whom were already has-beens by 1979.  photo 6-17-12_zps5426e2b2.jpg They didn't know at that time the “slutty” Halloween costume would be the norm.  photo 6-17-13_zps8c60007e.jpg  photo 6-17-14_zps8fd9f1b8.jpg Some of the “punk” songs in here are actually “hippie” songs, which makes me think either the writers were recycling an older article (editor Paul Laikin worked at other humor magazines before this) or just had no idea about the youth culture they were cashing in on.  photo 6-17-15_zpsff06a718.jpg  photo 6-17-16_zpsb1643dd5.jpg  photo 6-17-17_zps75b89528.jpg

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