Thursday, May 9, 2013

The kind Australian men like

Here's the cartoons from The November 1949 issue of Man Junior, an Australian men's magazine.  photo 5-9-1_zps496150e0.jpg  photo 5-9-2_zps7c593c8a.jpg  photo 5-9-3_zps4920e82f.jpg  photo 5-9-4_zpsa65e6372.jpg  photo 5-9-5_zpsf12ba98f.jpg  photo 5-9-6_zpseb00c39a.jpg  photo 5-9-7_zps88693d43.jpg  photo 5-9-8_zpsbd458c20.jpg  photo 5-9-9_zps86097fb7.jpg  photo 5-9-10_zps8a4e105d.jpg The storage site has a policy against nudity and profanity, even things as innocuous as this, but not one for other taboos. I guess they have recognition software that more easily identifies those things.  photo 5-9-12_zps6e86a763.jpg  photo 5-9-13_zps951a7621.jpg  photo 5-9-14_zps477e7ed5.jpg  photo 5-9-15_zps0682117b.jpg  photo 5-9-16_zpsec455c2f.jpg  photo 5-9-18_zpsc5e2ce87.jpg  photo 5-9-19_zps5ea59c1d.jpg  photo 5-9-20_zps0e2890a1.jpg  photo 5-9-21_zps7f2bb845.jpg

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