Monday, May 6, 2013

Crazy #39

Here's the June 1978 of Crazy, and another photo-realistic cover by Bob Larkin. You'll see why it's photo-realistic when you see the contents inside.  photo 5-6-1_zps39a3d9da.jpg Parody of Saturday Night Fever by Murad Gumen.  photo 5-6-2_zps6582c6b5.jpg  photo 5-6-3_zps00e14c39.jpg  photo 5-6-4_zps59f79e97.jpg  photo 5-6-5_zps3814330c.jpg Vic Martin  photo 5-6-6_zpse983f59c.jpg Notice how whenever they do superheroes, like in this article illustrated by Walter Brogan, it's almost always Marvel characters, which for the most part, were not household names yet. No use giving the competition any ink, though.  photo 5-6-7_zps946ffacf.jpg  photo 5-6-8_zpsa9c2520d.jpg Tony Tallarico  photo 5-6-9_zps85ebef30.jpg  photo 5-6-10_zpsc90b7927.jpg  photo 5-6-11_zps01955238.jpg  photo 5-6-12_zps5607931a.jpg Michael Ricigliano using the pseudonym “Joe Thadummi” again.  photo 5-6-13_zpsdbf37bbe.jpg  photo 5-6-14_zps01e698a1.jpg  photo 5-6-15_zps3d353699.jpg  photo 5-6-16_zpsa11642a2.jpg

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