Saturday, February 16, 2013


I have several volumes of the series Great Cartoons of the World, and I've scanned the first, second, and fifth previously. This is the third volume from 1969, edited by John Bailey. The previous owner, Clackamas County Library, has written “Swartout” above the name “Bailey”. What does that mean? Is it his middle name? Doesn't really matter.

Photobucket The inside cover flap describes the book thusly:

The variety is immense, the commentary penetrating, the humor guffaw-evoking, and the drawing superb in this third series of GREAT CARTOONS OF THE WORLD. This collection of over 300 cartoons selected from many of thousands by John Bailey, former cartoon editor of The Saturday Evening Post, is richer and funnier than ever, as it presents the visual humor of the world, the cartoonist's approach to events and people, the subtle and sometimes broadside barbs directed against the shibboleths of mankind.

This one was by James Stevenson for The New Yorker. Photobucket Brian Davis a/k/a Michael Ffolkes for Punch. Photobucket Ed Arno for Look. Photobucket Vahan Shirvanian in Saturday Evening Post Photobucket Boris Drucker for Look Photobucket Ton Smits Photobucket Charles Addams for New Yorker Photobucket Jean-Jacques Sempé for Editions Denöel Photobucket The next two are by Jules Stauber. Photobucket Photobucket J. M. Bosc for Paris Match Photobucket Photobucket

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