Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cartoons from magazines read “for the articles”

This one, from volume 6, number 3 (June 1963) of Monsieur by Bernard Wiseman. Photobucket From the same magazine, by Charles Dennis. Photobucket From Mr. volume 4, number 2 Photobucket Cartoon for Nugget August 1963 (Volume 8, number 4 by long-time gag cartoonist Mort Gerberg. Photobucket From Scamp in May 1960. Photobucket From Scamp in November 1967. Photobucket Joe Kiernan, also editor for Cracked,like the next few of these cartoons, in that same issue of Scamp. Photobucket Photobucket From Scamp, January 1962. Photobucket Back cover of that issue by Pete Wyma. Photobucket The last of these are from Topper number 6, January 1962 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket More next Thursday...

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