Saturday, December 29, 2012


Again, like last Saturday, more pages from Great Cartoons of the World, Volume II from 1968.

From Jules Feiffer's Feiffer. Photobucket Bruce Pettyin The New Yorker in 1963. Editor John Bailey says of him in the introduction :

If there had been a genius of the pen among prehistoric men, his work would have no doubt resembled the work of Petty. It is a natural explosion of some kind, as if idea drawing had been some kind of primitive urge. Seemingly naȉve, his cartoons when carefully examined are seen to be very sophisticated, his ideas perfectly expressed in the drawing. Photobucket William O'Brian Photobucket Photobucket Michael Ffolkes for Punch Photobucket Quentin Blake Photobucket Anatol Kovarsky Photobucket Lou Myers Photobucket Photobucket Vahan Shirvanian in Look. Photobucket George Price for New Yorker Photobucket Eldon Dedini for Punch. Photobucket Tony Munzlinger. Photobucket More to come next Saturday.

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