Monday, December 31, 2012

CRAZY # 15

Marvel decided not to use the staffers of the other comics for this and recruited editor Paul Laikin (he uses the name Paul Lamont for this issue, maybe due to some other contractual obligation). Having edited Cracked and Sick and written for Mad before this, he wasn't able to afford A-list artists like he did there, as we shall soon see. Most likely he wrote most of the issues himself under various pseudonyms, since most of the articles credited to other writers are similar to the articles he wrote for other magazines and were sometimes names of relatives and anagrams of each other. Though Laikin's run is derided by many, some issues from this time are fairly valuable because of the paintings of celebrities on their covers, as we shall see in future posts.

Here are some excerpts from #15, the January 1976 issue.

They continued to use cover artist Nick Cardy.

Photobucket The inside front cover had an “International Swindlers' Certificate”

There was some inventory left over from previous issues, since the first few issues of the "new" Crazy had a few articles by Marvel staffers, like this Jaws parody from Stu Schwartzberg and Marie Severin. Photobucket Photobucket Here's another example of the one-page "poster" fillers that were now a trademark of the magazine. Photobucket Here's what was probably left over from the previous regime from Vance Rodewalt interspersed throughout. Note what looks like an editor's mark in one panel, an example of the sloppiness the magazine occasionally had because of its grueling monthly schedule needed to outdo the frequency of its competitors. Photobucket Photobucket Another article that was probably left over from previous editorships. Photobucket Photobucket Good News/Bad News was a page of jokes with clip-art written by “Frank Wail”, Most likely a Laikin pseudonym.

They continued to serialize excerpts from Will Eisner's books.

Then this. Photobucket Another example of articles meant for previous issues.

The magazine now had marginal jokes similar to the one-liners on Laugh-In Photobucket An artist from the earlier issues was longtime Warren editor Bill DuBay. Photobucket Then the rest of Lee Marrs' Crazy Lady, and a new recurring feature of one-liners called Crazy News of the Month.

They needed to use the last of the recurring History of Moosekind Photobucket Photobucket The back cover had Crazy Record Labels, an example of the "fake-out" parodies they would do which you could paste over the real thing.

Next Monday: Excerpts from CRAZY #16.

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