Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This cover by John Severin from the August 1960 issue predates the cover of Mad #69 by two years. Photobucket Like the issue showcased last week, this was written entirely by Paul Laikin, who told the author of If You're Cracked, You're Happy:

If I came into the office, [publisher Bill Sproul] trusted me that I wrote the best the material that I could do, but he handled Severin. The only thing that Severin did in those days was the big movie spoof. I used to write the entire issue.

After Hollywood Life Stories Throughout History by John Severin and an ad parody reprint by Bill Elder, there was another one of the many articles Cracked did about the reversal of sex roles. Photobucket Then a piece called If Literature Were Written for the Gossip Columns

The Banana Man by Jerry Kirschen Photobucket The first Sports Oddities by Jack Davis Photobucket There was a Viceroy ad parody reprint by John Severin, then Jerry Kirschen again. Photobucket Two pieces by John Severin Photobucket Photobucket The centerfold was Sylvester P. Smythe's ancestors as portrayed by Jack Davis.

Photobucket There was The Cracked Intelligence Test, a piece called When It All Started about blood pressure by Jack Davis, Cracked Headlines, How Some of Our Customs Began by John Severin, then this piece by Jack Davis again. Photobucket This, by John Severin, was a one-pager. Photobucket Illustrated Limericks by Jack Davis, another Sports Odditiespage, and Nursery Rhymes by Russ Heath. Photobucket There was a New York Times ad parody by John Severin, and he also did something about new kinds of cinema called Smell-O-Rama Photobucket Another installment of When It All Started by Jack Davis about Ponce deLeon, real ads for their mail-order company Horror House, a solicitation for subscriptions, the back cover was another fake ad, spoofing ads for many ads for cruises by John Severin. Photobucket

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