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Here we go with another issue of Crazy, this time from July 1974

I believe this cover is by Kelly Freas Photobucket Parody of the Bayer aspirin campaign by Roy and Jean Thomas. Photobucket All aspects of daytime television of the time in this article by Marv Wolfman and Dick Wright Photobucket Next up is a photo-caption article about streaking by Stan Lee. He was a “big name” in the second issue, but seems to have been demoted. Photobucket Another installment was here of their old radio spoof

I guess because they had a parody of Westworld, Roy & Jean Thomas and Vance Rodewalt decided to also do an article about what would happen if Richard Nixon had an amusement park.

The editorial introduces Rodewalt thusly: Vance, a voodoo priest in Port-au-Prince, Haiti freelances art in between cutting off chicken heads for use in secret ceremonies and reciting dark prayers to the Great God of Chickens—Perduemballa. In his off hours, Vance drives a cab and shows tourists the hot spots of Newark, New Jersey. Born in Lake Michigan, Vance is also an accomplished singer, and performs under his stage name of Barbara Streisand. Photobucket And another chapter of Bob Foster's Mooses Through History.

The first few issues had Poli-Tickles from Tony Isabella and Dick Wright. Photobucket This was from something they did called The Realistic Toy Catalog, Corruptive Playthings by Steve Gerber, Bruce Garlin and Alan Goffstein and illustrated by Marie Severin and Ralph Reese Photobucket Then there was Steve Gerber and Robert Graysmith's Just Plain Folks

Gerber and Graysmith continue with one-page movie parodies, starting with their version of The Way We Were. Photobucket Then Ozzie's Girls. Photobucket Billy Jack Photobucket The Starlost Photobucket Don't feel bad. I've never heard of some of these shows either.

I have seen Westworld, which is basically an earlier version of Jurassic Park in a different setting.

In the editorial they had this to say about Bob McLeod:

Another new arist this issue is BOB McLEOD, who drew our Worstworld parody. Bob is also a fashion designer for Roto Rooter Sewer Services and Cesspool Cleaners of Yonkers, New York, where he creates a dainty look for the men who slodge around greasy underground pipelines. When Bob first saw CRAZY Magazine he begged to work for us. In fact, he said he didn't have to be paid for any work he did. Since there was no money in the CRAZY budget to pay Bob, things worked out just fine. Photobucket The back cover parodies the Crest Toothpaste commercials. Photobucket

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