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This issue of Cracked from October 1958 came out right after Humbug was cancelled, which is why for a few months their artists were working for them, as you will see.

They also emulated Humbug in addition to Mad, as you can see with this cereal box parody by John Severin. Photobucket Then there was an ad parodying Angel Touch, which I think was some kind of fabric softener.

After the contents is and article called Foreign Car Concious (sic)

I'm not sure who did this illustration, maybe an editor, I like it, though. Photobucket This parody of Have Gun, Will Travel is by Bill Ward. Photobucket Bill Ward also did this one-pager. Photobucket Part of the next page is samples of the handwriting analysis of “Madame La-Zanya”, the other third is for Mureyene, spoofing Murine Eyedrops and Muriel Cigars featuring Ernie Kovacs. I think it was drawn by Bill Elder.

Then Modern Day Monsters by Joe Maneely that was reprinted in Monster Howls

'Enry 'Iggins of Scotland Yard, a made-up movie parody by John Severin.

Here's a page from The Barbeque, illustrated by Bill Elder. Photobucket Al Jaffee doesn't remember having worked for Cracked, but here's proof he did. Photobucket Then there was the Cracked Rogues' Gallery,

Cracked did the double-page spread cutaway display long before Mad became famous for it, like in this one by Jack Davis. Photobucket Exclusive Pictures from Darkest Africa by John Severin. Photobucket Maneely again with TV Programs of the Future. Photobucket Illustrated Proverbs, artist unknown. Photobucket Top Model Agency was another article drawn by Ward.

Modern Kiddie Books was a precursor to the 'book cover' parody that would be so ubiquitous in humor magazines. Photobucket New Uses for Comics sort of parodied comic strips, though it didn't have hand-lettered captions.

Secrets of Crashing Highbrow Society was another common feature parodying etiquette guides.

Cracked Photo Contest “results” taken from earlier stock photos seems to be a holdover from Ballyhoo and the earlier generation of humor magazines.

Impressing the Opposite Sex was another etiquette guide drawn by Carl Burgos of dating dos and don'ts.

Another Maneely-illustrated piece about the since-discontinued art of phrenology. Photobucket Subscription ad by Elder caricaturing the celebrities of the time such as Groucho Marx, Sophia Loren, Nikita Kruschchev, Phil Silvers and Arnold Stang. No, that's not Robert Crumb in the center left. Photobucket For some reason, Elvis being drafted was a big deal in all media. Photobucket

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