Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CAPER in the 1960's, just the cartoons (possibly NSFW, depending on where you work)

Most of these were from an issue of Caper sometime in 1969.
Photobucket I looked for something about Earl Haggelund online, and all I could find were links to this blog. He seems to have done other work in a more detailed style for higher-caliber magazines. Photobucket Arnoldo “Francho” Franchioni Photobucket President Kennedy moonlighted as a gag cartoonist, and continued to draw cartoons six years after he died. No, of course I'm just kidding. I don't even think “John Kennedy” is this person's real name. Photobucket
From the March 1963 issue of Caper, by Richard Guindon Photobucket George Dole Photobucket Photobucket Glenn Bernhardt Photo bucket

Dan DeCarlo.

I was told that years ago, when I was nominated for a Harvey Award, when DeCarlo announced the nominees in my category, he tripped over saying The Magic Whistle when he got to it as if surprised to see the words "magic" and "whistle" next to each other. Photobucket Photobucket From Carnival, March 1956

In Backstage At the Strips, Mort Walker admits that he and his staff often draw ribald versions of the characters and offers some examples.
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  1. That's a different (but prolific) DeCarlo. All of Dan's girlie cartoon stuff looks very much like his '50s Betty and Veronica work. This guy's stuff was all in the more stylized "modern" look at greeting cards and ads of the time. All of Dan's work that I've ever seen is signed "DSD." I've never seen anyone cite what his middle initial stood for, though.