Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pages 193-198

The Esquire 25th Anniversary Cartoon Album is 256 pages long, so we're far more than halfway there. Here are some more cartoons from it.

These next two are by Howard Baer, Esquire's second most prolific cartoonist. Photobucket Photobucket Their first most prolific was E. Simms Campbell. Photobucket I'm not sure of Abner Dean's ranking, but it's up there. Photobucket I think this is Campbell.

They did a lot of cartoons about church choirs. I guess they were just as common as adultery at one time. Photobucket Photobucket Barbara Shermund Photobucket Howard Baer Photobucket Gilbert Bundy Photobucket Dorothy McKay Photobucket E. Simms Campbell Photobucket Abner Dean Photobucket Dorothy McKay Photobucket More next Saturday

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