Thursday, July 19, 2012

Great Cartoons of the World, volume 1, part 12

More from the 1967 compilation Great Cartoons of the World, Volume 1

Smilby for Punch Photobucket Chon Day for Look Photobucket Phil Interlandi in Look Photobucket John Glashan Photobucket Volker Ernsting Photobucket David Langdon Photobucket Jean-Pierre Aldebert for Paris Match Photobucket Jules Feiffer Photobucket Jean Bosc or just Bosc.

The French is obvious, but just in case: “My house” “my windmill” “my dog” “my car” “my farmer” “my wheat” Photobucket “My bull” “my woman” “my guard” “my pool””my turf”.

Then his friend says “My ass!” Photobucket Volker Ernsting Photobucket Smilby Photobucket Peanuts strip for 4-20-67 Photobucket More from this book next Thursday.

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