Monday, June 18, 2012

Sex in Sororities

That's what the second chapter of this book, Sex Is Better in College is called. The first one I showcased last week is called Sex in Fraternities

From the University of Michigan Yahoo Photobucket Octopus, the book doesn't say what college it's from. Photobucket Oklahoma A & M Aggreviator Photobucket Harvard Lampoon Photobucket University of California Pelican Photobucket University of Minnesota Ivory Tower.

Do sororities even have housemothers anymore? I know it's no big deal for a guy to be present. Times are different than in 1957. Photobucket Pelican again. Photobucket University of Kansas Squat Photobucket Stevens Institute of Technology Events Photobucket Pelican again. Photobucket Aggreviator again. Photobucket Pelican Photobucket Ivory Tower Photobucket Troy University Spartan Photobucket

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