Sunday, June 17, 2012


Some more illustrations I did for New York Press way back in the 90s. The others I did were shown last Sunday and the Sunday before that. Click the "New York Press" label on the bottom for those.

Article about the latex craze. Photobucket Photobucket The prospect of coming out. Photobucket I did a lot of comics of the He Aims to Please guy but never actually gave him a name. For a while he was Enema Jack and in some strips he's been Professor Ross, but generally he's a stand-in for the archetypal dirty old man, which I'm starting to resemble more and more every day. He seems to have walked upon the back room of an S & M dungeon. Photobucket I intentionally made those boots into the shape of a swastika. Isn't that clever? Photobucket This was one of many Mistress Ruby columns I illustrated about life as a dominatrix. Here is one about the Mandingo fetish many of her clients had. Photobucket Photobucket Something about the many characters a dominatrix would play. Photobucket About being in a Hustler store. The guy in the wheelchair is supposed to be Larry Flynt. That's supposed to be a cardboard cutout of him. Photobucket I think this was for Letter From LA. Photobucket Something by J.R. Taylor about his stint working for the tabloids. The writer is supposed to be him. He didn't like when artists drew him unflatteringly like this and artists that would draw him as the George Costanza lookalike he was wouldn't ever be allowed to draw for articles by him again. Photobucket

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