Sunday, June 10, 2012

New York Press illos, part 2

Here's more illustrations that kept me in Ramen noodles from 1994-1998. Continued from here.

This was in the listings I think for an upcoming nuclear protest. Photobucket Another listings illo for the Vans Warped Tour that year. Photobucket Article about “greylisting”, the idea of not casting actors or actresses for being too old. Photobucket Something about projectors not working. I have no idea what I or the article was trying to say. The projector itself looks like a video projector as does the way video malfunctions. A film on celluloid with sprockets wouldn't look like this if it broke down. This seems like it would be about the prospect of films going digital, but that wasn't even talked about 15 years ago. There's so much wrong looking at everything logically.

Most likely, I didn't know what I was talking about. At New York Press, there was no going back and forth between editor and artist and making slight changes, like what most editorial illustrators hate about the job. It sounds great, but the drawback is things that don't make sense get printed. Photobucket Something about growing old together. Photobucket I don't know what this was. Something in the listings, maybe? Photobucket I don't know what this is either. For a while, my friend Jenny Ryan was doing the listings under the name “Queen Itchie”. Photobucket For a while, I was drawing for the column Letter From L.A. by Catherine Seipp even though I had never been to Los Angeles. The editors often didn't care I knew nothing about some of the subject matter. I have no idea what she ever thought of my drawings.

This is the typical out-of-towner's vision of all of Los Angeles having swimming pools and palm trees. When I lived there most of it looked like 14th Street in New York. Photobucket For Mistress Ruby's column about being chaste in her youth. Photobucket Another Mistress Ruby illo. Photobucket For their food column. Photobucket Letter From L.A. illustration.

Another out-of-towner's vision of all of L.A. looking like the Venice boardwalk without the sleazy merchants. Photobucket

More next week.

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