Wednesday, February 1, 2012

S'Neerlands MAD

The current Mad there is edited by friend of the show Ger Apeldoorn. This version, #194, from about 1986, supposedly enraged American publisher William M. Gaines for actually including a condom in the issue. They seem to be a bit more permissive in other countries. It came out around the time "safe sex" was all over the news.

Thanks again go to Michael Sullivan for providing copies from his vast collection of foreign issues.

The cover apparently says “Buy Safe, Read Safe, Drink Safe, Stop Alfred” and on the bottom “There was once...” Photobucket “Berenzeik, you never forget”. I guess it's a parody of an ad campaign with the man asking “Your place or mine?” with the idea that they're going home together and it's really an AIDS clinic. What AIDS clinic has revolving doors, I don't know. Photobucket This is from the contents page, advertising a gift for every fifth subscriber. Photobucket This strip is called “Buy Safe”. I initially thought this was a reference to then-Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. Photobucket The silent stuff's the best because you don't have to translate it. Photobucket “At the Club” Photobucket I'm not sure if “Willy Lohmann” is a pen name or not. Photobucket The heading of the letters pages. Photobucket This was the cover for Mad #271. Photobucket

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  1. Willy Lohman is the actual name of the now over 65 year old artist who did most of the interior work on the Dutch Mad. He is still working and quite sharp and contributes to the new Dutch Mad.