Monday, May 24, 2010


This comic was published by Parallax, which also published some comics about the LBJ administration. I printed a few pages from “Bobman and Teddy” last year but will eventually do it again in its entirety. This is full of the ethnic humor through Mad-Libs approach prevalent throughout the sixties, where it was typical of comedians of any media (or race) to attain laughs just by mentioning a Jewish/NYC cliché.

I'll post something from this era making fun of straight white Christians as long as it's not a response to something else. Novelty books from the 80s like “The WASP's Cookbook” or whatever don't really count. While we're on the subject (and this has nothing to do with the comic), I just wanted to say that when someone says “I'm offended because I'm [x]” implies “It's okay to make fun of them, but not me”.


  1. A cousin of mine had this waaaaay back around 1968 and I always wanted to actually get a chance to read it! Finally did so just recently, more than 40 years later! Good stuff! Nice to see here.

    And Mel Crawford? Wow! Never would have guessed it was him! Loved his work from the Littke Golden Books. In my memory this was by Tony Tallarico!

  2. I assumed "A Serious Man" was based on these comics. That and Dave Berg.

  3. Oy vey! Those are amazing.

  4. Gotta love the political jokes.


    Steven G. Willis