Monday, February 8, 2010

PLOP, 3 of 3

Here's the last of that issue of PLOP! minus the letters page and ads. Maybe in a few months when I run out of stuff, I'll post just the Basil Wolverton covers. Even if there were no content inside, the covers were worth the price alone.

Lee Marrs was an underground cartoonist best known for PUDGE, THE FAT GIRL BLIMP. Her work shows up in some mainstream comics and humor magazines now and then.

Don "Duck" Edwing was mainly a ghost writer for Don Martin and moonlighted for other humor magazines under pseudonyms. I guess because this was a comic book, he was able to use his real name in something that wasn't MAD. David Manak is also a MAD contributor and did SPY VS. SPY for a while.


  1. I noticed Dave Manak's name in a recent issue of What If and I was trying to remember why that name was so familiar. I completely forgot about his work on Spy vs. Spy

    Didn't Lee Marrs occasionally write and draw for Crazy?

  2. Dave Manak did movie parodies for SICK too. I think he may have been "Kovacs" in CRAZY.

  3. Oh, you're right! I still remember his Close Encounters spoof from the waning years of Sick.