Thursday, February 4, 2010

PLOP, 2 of 3

Now that I did a PLOP prologue a few days ago, here's a random issue of the self-proclaimed magazine of weird humor. Earlier ones had no ads, but it didn't matter that they later had them because of the covers by Basil Wolverton. Even if there were no editorial content inside, they'd be worth it just for the covers. It was a perfect showcase for the Lena the Hyena-like portraits he became best known for.

This was meant to be DC's humorous version of their horror titles, and they used the hosts of the existing books for these stories.

Not enough pages could have horror/O. Henry-like stories, so they had a few strips like this as well. They couldn't have Sergio Aragones do a whole issue, so they also used artists who drew like him. 'Coram Nobis' was a pseudonym for David Vern, who wrote various comics as well as pulps.

They also relied on gag cartoons, too.

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