Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mouse of Evil

Again with the MAD imitations. Whenever Dave Berg is mentioned, people think of 'The Lighter Side...', (was there ever a dark side to the beach or school?), the one part of MAD that seemed out of place with the rest of the content. What most people don't realize is at one time he was pretty good. The stuff for MAD was what he did at the end of his career and lasted the longest, kind of like Little Annie Fanny. When I've shown people comics like this, people say "It's not the same Dave Berg". Not true. Though Wally Wood was once famous for saying he was one of his early influences but "not the same Dave Berg that does bland suburban satire". This doesn't mean there were two people named Dave Berg, it was just Wood using his sense of humor. It would be like how one might say "Not the same Bill Cosby that's the pudding pop spokesperson."

This is from WHACK #1 in 1953. The reason for it being red is that it was originally published in 3-D and I removed the blue in Photoshop. I tried to make it normal that way, but there are still a few double images. Hopefully, it's still legible. The 3-D is also why the gutters are so big.

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