Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Captain Spaz #3

It's the first of the month. Did you remember to say "Rabbit, rabbit"? That's what my 7th grade English teacher said to do first thing every month because it will bring good luck.

While this was done a few years later, it was in the same school. An issue of CAPTAIN SPAZ was usually 8-10 pages, but I don't have them all. I think Bobby Weiss took all pages he'd done himself and that's why they're not all here. I don't know.

There was this kid Moses that always changed personalities. He was a punk, then a newwaver (totally different head), then a jock, then a complete musclehead. Before all that he was friends with me. During that time, we would make tapes of us singing
songs we made up. Later, I played 'The Yo-yo Song' for other people and he told a friend "Tell him to never play it again for ANYBODY!" Even though he traded his sense of humor for a football and somebody shot him up with steroids on his thirteenth birthday, we did a comic of the song anyway.

It was reprinted in this issue from something we'd printed before. This shows you the quality of the xeroxes we had. They probably would have been better if we paid for them.

When I was in college, I showed this comic to a bunch of people, prompting someone to ask the question every creative person hears and hates more than any other: "Were you on drugs when you did that?"

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