Sunday, August 12, 2018

Rainy-Day Sunshine Fun-Time Sunday Low-Res Cartoon Show #52

I thought I'd show old cartoons like I play old records, but can't find a host. The rights are even more complicated here so I've gotten around it by only embedding things that have already been posted by someone else, absolving me altogether. I take no responsibility for anything removed by the rightholders, watermarks from previous second-generation sources, editing, cropping, or other ways links that have been broken by parties other than me. Once in a while you'll come across offensive racial stereotypes. Remember the cartoon is about the story and not about them.

dir: Connie Rasinski
Terrytoons, 1939
dir: Jacques Drouin
National Film Board of Canada, 1976
dir: Seymour Kneitel
Famous Studios, 1960 Betty Boop: KITTY FROM KANSAS CITY
Fleischer Studios, 1931 Popeye: PUPPET LOVE
dir: Seymour Kneitel
Famous Studios, 1944 Sylvester: HIPPETY HOPPER
dir: Robert McKimson
Warner Bros. Studios, 1949 Mickey Mouse: THE POINTER
dir: Clyde Geronimi
Walt Disney Studios, 1939 Seven Dwarves: THE WINGED SCOURGE
dir: Bill Roberts
Walt Disney Studios, U. S. Office of Inter-American Affairs, 1943 WACKY WILDLIFE
dir: Fred Avery
Warner Bros. Pictures, 1940 Speedy Gonzales: CAT-TAILS FOR TWO
dir: I. Freleng
Warner Bros. Pictures, 1953

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