Thursday, May 24, 2018

unwoke cartoons, part 3

As has been said elsewhere, you can't criticize people for not being “woke” when the concept of “woke” hadn't even been invented yet, and these cartoons prove it. It's 2018 now, and no editor would consider any of these concepts, but not that long ago subjects like these were considered normal in mainstream magazines, it's the sex or allusions thereof that were considered the shocking element.

Again, I feel the need to offer a trigger warning, but can't say what for because it would ruin the surprise for everybody else. I realize I and at least 80% of my audience are privileged enough to laugh at subject matter contrary to our own beliefs while still empathizing with everyone else. I'm pre-emptively covering my tracks too. This is the last in the series of gag cartoons too racist, sexist, homophobic, or just too 'ist' and 'ic' for other categories. The others are here and here.

Good Humor, circa 1964
Fun House, February 1979
Monsieur, October 1967
Don Orehek
Hi-Life, July 1963
HQ, February 1964
Ace, January 1973
Charles Dennis
Jem, March 1965
Bruce Cochran!
Penthouse, October 1978
Buck Brown
Playboy, March 1968
Playboy, March 1972
Sid Harris
Playboy, July 1972
Mal Hancock
Playboy, July 1972
Topper, November 1964


  1. The only thing that offends me in this whole deal is the term "woke." I would cheerfully punch its inventor in the face. Other than that, I've seen a million cartoons like this, especially as a kid in the Fifties. They're mostly the same joke, but some are more clever than others. You'd have to be insane to be WOUNDED by them.

  2. I agree, but being preemptively cautious for those under 35.