Thursday, March 29, 2018

Cartoons I don't get #40

Is the word 'topless' here a noun or does he have more to say? Was there supposed to be another panel here?
Adam Yearbook, 1968
Cavalcade, August 1942
Warren Miller
Playboy, September 1961
The problem with many of the Sex to Sexty gags is the fact the drawing is “funny” takes away from the point of the gag, which isn't really much of a joke here to begin with (her being too promiscuous to remember who the actual father was)
Sex to Sexty, circa 1970s
Is this their anti-war streak, commenting the head of the draft board is a dickhead? Is that what the joke is?
Sex to Sexty, circa 1970s
Here I'm confused about the roles. Someone's spending too much time getting ready for a date. I get that part. But does she have two suitors? Or is the other guy a family member who lives there waiting to use the bathroom? Is it sunrise now?
Charley Jones' Laugh Book, May 1953
Hello Buddies, Winter 1950
Life February 16, 1905
Nugget, February 1956
Punch, April 1984
Punch September 26, 1915
So she's going to clean the toilet with an electric toothbrush. So what? What will that accomplish? Why should we care?
Richard Guindon
The Realist, March 1964
Punch February 4, 1920

1 comment:

  1. 1. Topless bikinis were a “thing” at the time. He’s just excited to see one.
    2. The Sergeant is reading the Pts a “bedtime” story. Sergeants being known more for “tough as nails and take no shit” approach, rather than being more nurturing like this.
    3. It’s a pit stop for a race. They will rapidly change the tires, and the woman will rapidly give him a “quickie”
    4. Yes
    5. Yes. He’s a dick head.
    6. The guy on the right is the Dad. He’s got his shave kit out, so he’s been waiting for the bathroom to be free since the *morning,* implying that the girl who the other guy is waiting for has been occupying the loo literally for all day.
    7. I’ve not idea. They are calling one of the “for a good time call….” Numbers?
    8. He’s over dressed for dinner? Maybe?
    9. The main bit is that her “dream” wasn’t really a dream. But that she did, in fact, sleep with the guy next to her. But who is Helen? Is she supposed to be a lesbian? More questions than answers here.
    10. That’s supposed to be Sir Terry Wogan. In the 80’s he was on Children In Need, hence the Jesus washing his feet bit.
    11. The short man is trying get people to give him money, claiming to be a veteran. However, the bobby is pointing out that there were no “bantams” when he was of age to be in the service. A bantam is a soldier below the minimum height.
    12. Yes. She’s going to use the electric toothbrush to clean the commode. It’s “funny” because its inappropriate tool use, and (literally) potty humor.
    13. She did a bunch of super high energy stuff. Now she’s too tired to play a very passive role. It's just not very funny.