Thursday, March 22, 2018

Cartoons I don't get #39

Cavalcade, February 1942
Donald Reilly
Playboy, July 1968
Playboy, December 1959
This time it was them that forgot the caption and not me.
For Laughing Out Loud, March 1960
Hello Buddies, June 1952
I might get this if I knew who this was. I think the joke is that a television personality is covering an ancient biblical event.
Punch, April 1984
Judge October 9, 1909
This caricature by Miguel Covarrubias is of someone. Damned if I know who, though.
New Yorker April 4, 1925
Bruce Cochran The Realist, June 1963
In the cartoon world, you'd think there were more topless restaurants than the one or two that existed in real life and they were places that married couples went.
Sir!, October 1967
These next two are from Sex to Sexty, circa 1970s
Bill Wenzel
Punch January 8, 1920

1 comment:

  1. 1. None of the people he’s pitching too can shave, yet her persists in his sales pitch.
    2. It’s a tiny tiny car. You don’t expect it to be able to go fast.
    3. Best guess here is that the other men are character witnesses, because she’s a bad wife and really mean.
    4. She’s bow legged, from riding a horse. Which is stereotypical behavior of Texans. (Alternate: she’s a been sleeping with men from Texas, and everything is bigger in Texas.
    5. British news caster.
    6. ? He might be the police captain?
    7. Looks like William Harding.
    8. Ah. She has a list because of her hair-lip. The play being on the words hair and “hare” as in rabbit. Or bunny.
    9. I don’t know, HE seems surprised. Maybe the joke is that ordinarily you’d expect the wife to be the one taken aback.
    10. Make me not war, is a play on “make love not war” and the exhortation is to have sex with the sign holder. The guy in the bottom right is throwing away a banana to get at the peel. Smoking banana peels meaning to smoke pot. My assumption is that the blond on the guys lap is the speaker, in which case I think the joke is about her naiveté regarding the what happens at sit-ins.
    11. She means that when it comes to her “finishing” i.e. climaxing AND finishing the final take of the movie they are filming, she is NOT into him sufficiently to orgasm. “In the short rows” means “almost done”
    12. It’s an accent based joke. He’s dressed as cowboy, i.e. a “bronco-buster” but she’s saying “bronchial” (relating to the lungs) buster. Which would be the case if one had a bad cough (in her dialect “corf”).