Thursday, March 8, 2018

cartoons I don't get # 37

What am I missing here? Wouldn't it make more sense for him to keep sampling wines until he gets increasingly more drunk and the waiter is increasingly more frustrated? Seems to pay off too abruptly.
Claude Smith
Playboy, September 1959
Sex to Sexty, circa 70s
Life January 5, 1905
Rowland Wilson
Playboy, March 1970
Cavalcade, April 1942
They're all wearing leis and the guy has a reducing machine right next to his bed. Why?
Esquire, June 1934
Punch December 15, 1915
Punch, April 1984
Alden Erikson
Playboy, January 1968
The Realist, October 1965
Hello Buddies, May 1955
Gahan Wilson
For Laughing Out Loud, December 1964
Charles Elmer Martin
For Laughing Out Loud, December 1964

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  1. That's a mushroom. Not a toadstool. That's the only one I can help with.