Thursday, March 1, 2018

Cartoons I don't get #36

I actually like it better with the audience not knowing which ones I get and which ones I don't, and of those I don't, not having them explained.

The Realist, March 1966
Irwin Caplan
True, January 1953
Sex to Sexty, circa 1970s
Punch February 4, 1920
Punch February 11, 1920
Bill Ward
Sex to Sexty, 1970s
Cavalcade, April 1942
Wilton Williams
New Yorker March 28, 1925
Vic Martin
Hello Buddies, May 1955
Judge October 9, 1909
Mike Thaler
Nugget, August 1963
Playboy, March 1970
The Realist, October 1960

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