Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cartoons I don't get #31

Enough with Saul Steinberg for now, back to the head-scratchers.

Punch February 4, 1920
Playboy, August 1960
Did he make everything disappear? I blew this up and it's not clear.
Sex to Sexty, c. 1960s or 1970s
I'm torn. On one hand, this cartoon is incredibly racist like most Sex to Sexty cartoons, but because of the loopy drawing (also a recurring Sex to Sexty feature) it's positive in that it acknowledges women come in different shapes and sizes.
Hello Buddies, c. 1951
Tea rations during WWII? Didn't know about that. Did soldiers drink a lot of tea?
Cavalcade, August 1942
Hello Buddies, Winter 1950
Judge October 9, 1909
More topical humor
London Life, June 1946
New Yorker December 2, 1926
Outpost February 1916
Swagger, January 1951
Punch, c. 1965
Cavalcade, March 1942
Did I accidentally cut the caption off maybe?
1900's, 1910's, 1920's, 1940's, 1960's


  1. People that have been on a ship will get Punch February 4, 1920. Funny. Thank you.

  2. 1) Kid (and dad) are lubbers. Hence “pointy end” instead of “bow,” as well as the vomiting.
    2) No idea. Impressed with the consistence of the crowd across three frames though.
    3) Agree
    4) I think it’s that he’s a pretty incompetent guard (left his keys in the door too!) and it had to be pointed out by a *woman*, and a BLOND woman.
    5) Or it’s one of those “she’s asking for something in plain sight” things
    6) I’m assuming there were points awarded that would get you discharge, including for time in uniform. He’s old, so a lot of points.
    7) Also topological humour. I think its promoting Taft as unifier, which would bring the country together, and to greater prosperity.
    8) Hypocrisy. She’s flashing her fanny in her short skirt, while admonishing little sister about showing her belly.
    9) No clue.
    10) Hmmm. That’s Winston Churchill on the left. Maybe its that as an admiral, he wouldn’t understand life in the trenchs (army?)
    11) This is just playing on the old boss (male) who dandies his young attractive sexratary on his knee. But she’s a FEMALE boss (cake factory!) and has a male secretary.
    12) Herbert was an editor at Punch. The humber is river in North England. I’d need more context to figure this out. Maybe ties into the north sea oil stuff?
    13) I think the caption is cut. He seems to be saying something. My guess is “I think I really captured your true beauty” or something, where it would be an abstract portrait of the woman, with which is shocked, rather than pleased.