Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cartoons I don't get #25

The usual mix. Unless I explain, I DON'T GET IT.

Cavalcade, July 1942
When I cut these, I must have accidentally cut the caption off. What might it have said? Punch January 28, 1920
Punch February 4, 1920
New Yorker February 21, 1925
Monsieur, June 1957
Would “sports section” be another euphemism for dirty parts?
Cavalcade, March 1942
Life January 5, 1905
Gent, date unknown
A friend pointed out this [Charles] Dennis always appears in the lower-grade girlie magazines and his cartoons often look like roughs. I wonder if many of these were attempts at submitting to the top markets like New Yorker, Playboy, or Esquire and then selling sloppy seconds (or thirds, fourths, etc.) to lesser-known magazines.
   As we've seen in the news lately, this "no" tactic doesn't work except among those who aren't co-workers or gatekeepers.
Hello Buddies, May 1955
Hi-Life, May 1958
I think I've seen this gag in a few different places. Your parents may actually have been servants.
Judge October 9, 1909
Life February 6, 1905
Laff July, 1952


  1. Weirdly, I think that dog watch cartoon is hilarious even though I also don't get it.

  2. I also just noticed now the clock is at 9:00