Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cartoons I don't get 21

Another cartoon, just like last week, I think about the Republican convention in Chicago, where having a third term was either something they were for or against. Whatever the case, I guess it was a big issue then. I think Grant was trying to get one. I don't know who all these people are either.

Considering even well-read people can barely keep track of what happened in the news earlier this year, it can be forgiven if anyone isn't clear on the most explicit political details of 135 years ago.

Puck June 16, 1880
“numphO-mania”? I guess if people were buying the magazines for the photos, there was no need for a proofreader for the text.

Fun House, February 1979
Hello Buddies. May 1955
Jest, circa 1942
Must have been the issues of that week. And if the legend about President Taft is true, I don't think he was this physically fit, , whether the story of his bathtub is true or not.

Judge October 9, 1909
Next two from Life February 16, 1905

Yes, I know this is a parody of the quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson relating it to these new motorcars, but is this supposed to be a caricature of anyone?

James Montgomery Flagg
Bernard Wiseman

Pic, November 1952
Buck Brown

If there was turbulence this bad, wouldn't everyone else notice and wouldn't the rest of the food also slide down?

This cartoon is fifty years old. See how many mistakes you can spot that wouldn't be possible in air travel today, even in first class.

Playboy, December 1967
Punch September 29, 1915
The Dude, March 1957
For those old enough to have been around during payphones, has anyone ever actually seen a number written on the wall near one? And even if so, did anyone ever actually call it? And even if so, have there ever actually been any successful hookups because of it? Was it the Tinder of the time?

Sid Harris

Playboy, January 1968
I wonder how many cartoons there have been where the punchline is that a newly married couple is checking into a hotel room solely for the purpose of screwing. Another cartoon where you'd get the joke now and look at it and think “So what? What's the big deal?”

The reason for a lot of repetition of so many gags is that the cartoonists probably didn't know that decades later, some guy would collect moldy old magazines just for the cartoons and put them on his blog.

He, March 1955

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