Monday, October 9, 2017

More Playboy in 1956

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, much of the first few years of Playboy were reprints.
From February 1956
I believe the one one the lower left is by Arnold Roth.
John Dempsey
March 1956
Jean Bellus
April 1956
With all this talk about Harvey Weinstein that has been in the news this weekend, I hear some of his apologists' rhetoric referred to as “The Mad Men defense”, which I hadn't heard before by name. The idea is that because somebody grew up in a different time, their antiquated values can be forgiven. I would agree in some cases, like when an older comedian lets a racial slur slip, or even often in this blog when something problematic shows up in an old cartoon or song, but I don't buy it for him since he grew up in the 70s and still working. This is the type of thing where the Mad Men defense would apply. From May 1956.

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