Thursday, October 19, 2017

Cartoons I don't get 18

Mr., March 1952
Did I maybe cut off the caption at some point? Is this maybe an illustration that I misfiled? Even when I don't get something, I at least see where they tried. I don't know what's going on.
Even the top guys have misses sometimes. I'm not sure what Gahan Wilson was trying to say here in this Playboy cartoon from March 1973. He's a tough guy that wouldn't wear a white hat?
Punch November 9, 1927
Real Adventure, January 1961
Charles Rodrigues
They look the same size to me, though since most of these magazines are mammocentric, perhaps that's the joke.
Caper, November 1964
Punch December 8, 1915
I've noticed a lot of the cartoons from WWI-era Punches have a “you had to be there” feel to them.
Gentlemen's Yearbook, Spring 1964
Sid Harris
This I get but am including because there are two signatures here for some reason, neither on the cartoon itself. I'm not sure if it's by Bo Brown or Al Ross.
I think this was in Hello Buddies
Playboy, March 1968
Jem, May 1957
I'm not sure how this was pulled off. Did they screw through a hole in the fence or did he just rub his dick against her? If she's wearing shorts it would be difficult for him to get it inside with the addition of the hole there. We don't see his side, but presumably he's wearing pants, so in addition to going through the hole and through the leg of her shorts, he has to use the fly of his pants. The logistics and extra steps seem too complicated for it to really be worth it, so they must be super-horny for the mood to not wear off. And if they're kissing openly, it wouldn't be a secret rendezvous. I understand the need to hide the deed from the public, but since their affection is out in the open, there's no need to use the fence as an extra barrier.
Jest, July 1942
Man, October 1971
Playboy, May 1968
   Ever notice how every cliché about life on other planets has always involved using resources invented on Earth? Arriving in a spaceship made of metal propelled by jets, using communication based on harnessing radio waves, speaking an Indo-European language, and walking on two legs (even the concept of walking as a means of transportation is a human invention). Usually something's different enough to make them alien, like an extra appendage or different color hair or skin.
   This being Playboy magazine, fuckability is added to the mix. The alien discrepancy would be the differently-colored hair, though somehow life on other planets still had the hairstyles of the time.
   Theoretically one could argue the ideal female as espoused in Playboy is already alien even if it isn't from space.
   I get the joke. It's fairly self-explanatory. These are only the male of the alien species, and if you think that's something, wait until you see the females, they're really something that'll turn you on in ways you couldn't imagine.
   My punchline is that they're gay. Now, hear me out. It's not homophobia on my part, it's hypocrisy on theirs. The idea is that they would never in a million years admit any attraction to the same sex yet are turned on by beings that are the same sex despite knowing so. And not only are these farmers gay, so are readers of the magazine if they were titillated at all by the cartoon for the same reason=[. Regardless of your own preference or identification, you have to admit that readers of skin magazines, particularly those that boast of exuding testosterone, being secretly gay, is funny.
    And so this cartoon proves that sexuality is not 100% binary.

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  1. 1: Guessing a missing caption. Maybe working on the expression "smells like a french cat (i.e. whore) house." And dogs don't like cats?

    2. He's the BAD guy, buying a hat. Bad guys wear black hats, good guys wear white.

    3. The league of nations was like the modern UN. The British lion is going to have his teeth pulled, i.e. draw down it's military. The Russians (soviets) are eager to see that, as they are a less militarized nation, and would be in a stronger position.

    3. Yeah. The other lady has bigger boobs.

    4. They are nerds. She wants to make sure she's going to get her *physical* needs met. This plays on the trope of "men only want sex" and, back in the day, the only way to get THAT was to "put a ring on it."

    5. No idea either. Maybe its because its a dumb question, and officers are dumb?

    6. He LIKES that she's dumb. Because that means she's more likely to put out.

    7. weird

    8. Grannies are supposed to be selfless and kind. She's saying to look out for herself. Which, based on her age, seems to be an effective strategy.

    9. The motion lines indicate their hips are moving. So, through the hole in the fence sex.

    10. I guess she and a guy went out on a date, and her recognized her from previously attending her burlesque show. And gentlemen DON'T attend such shows.

    11. He's a typical "bar type" that have an over blown sense of self importance and intelligence. Like arm-chair generals, these days.

    12. yes