Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cartoons I don't get 17: French edition

Last week cartoonist Bucky Cee gave me a copy of the book Love From France, a collection of gag cartoons from 1955.

“More than 110 cartoons from the droll pens of […] many illustrate the battle of the sexes (otherwise called love) as it is fought in the incomprehensible Gallic tradition. The collection is offered as hilarious proof that in France lovemanship is a national art.”

And, in keeping with the new name for this column, this book does not disappoint in the international language of “what?” Here are a few examples...
He's making her do all the work by itself and it's snowing. Is that what's supposed to be funny? This also was drawn assuming readers in France wouldn't know who the Addams family is.
Some of these are more sexist than incomprehensible. Like the notion that the man always has to be the tall one...
Or that if a man and a woman know each other, she must be a hooker. Who did these cartoons, Mike Pence?
Jacques Faizant

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  1. The first one: men are looking forward to the sex on the wedding night, but this guy is just glad to get out of the uncomfortable shoes he's been wearing.

    Second: Inverts the image of romantic boat ride, with smiling springtime couples on the lake where the man rows his paramour about.

    Third: he's asking her initials because she was a casual fling, and he doesn't know them. In contrast to the implied long term relationship.

    Fourth: You have it. She's TALL and he is SHORTER, and women are shorter than men.

    Five: Hooker knows him, and he's embarrassed that she called him out, but son is confused because she knows him, so why ignore her.

    Six: She is LITERALLY a frigid wife, hence the space heaters.

    Seven: They just met and are going to a hotel for sex, but because they just met, don't have luggage.

    eight: No idea. Is that a letter next to the tub? Is the hole drilled in the wrong spot, or is that the plug on a chain.

    Nine: Trophy Husbands. Shes a man-eater, as it were. She's marrying a series of men for their money.

    Ten: ??? The old woman is a harpy? No idea there. Maybe an idiom im missing.

    Eleven: The descression and class of the hotel is evidenced in the fact that the bellboy is NOT naming names of men who consort with "actresses" but they would know who they are, which is why the guy is looking OVERLY innocent.

    Twelve: Similar to one. He's NOT interested in sex (Ha!) but in his clothes, making sure his pants are not wrinkled.

    Thirteen: There is no grass, just cactus. So, ACTUALLY lying down would be painful, so he's REALLY asking her to make out (Wanna go watch the submarine races?)

    Fourteen: Guy has been to the dentist and received painless treatment in the past, and is assuring her that her dental procedure will be similarly painless. Wife has however NOT booked an appointment to get a cavity filled, but to play "tonsil hockey." Perhaps hoping to get drilled by the dentist.