Thursday, September 14, 2017

cartoons I don't get 13

“Don't get” doesn't always mean I don't always understand the joke. Sometimes I say “don't get” as in “What's the point?”

Esquire, July 1934
Syd Hoff
These next two were submitted by Devlin Thompson and come from the January 1978 issue of Popular Cartoons
I was confused by this one at first because I thought the guy's eyes were open. This would be funnier if “up in the air” had a double meaning and there was a hat or something in the background to show this guy was a pilot.
Reamer Keller
Louis Priscilla
Sir!, February 1954
The idea seems to be he's sawing the mallets so she'll have to bend down further, but her dress is too long to look up no matter how far down she bends, or maybe he intends to look down the front of her blouse?
Good Humor, circa 1964
Hello Buddies, Winter 1950
Charles Rodrigues
Hi-Life, August 1964
Is it that he has tools attached to his artificial arm?
Stag, Fall 1941
I guess the woman's talking but the older man is the one with his mouth open.
Man, April 1966
So she's talking to two guys at once. So what?
Ed Arno
Penthouse, October 1978
Richard Taylor
Playboy, December 1964
These two are from Punch October 27, 1915

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  1. The monks are celibate so the one talking doesn't know what a naked hot chick is. This is like the most extreme you could possibly take the idea of the objectification of women as sex objects in a single panel gag. The drawing of the naked woman is literally only a sex object and not recognizable to the monk as a human being.