Sunday, August 27, 2017

Rainy Day Sunshine Fun-Time Low-Res Cartoon Show # 7 8/27/17

I couldn't find a host like I can when I play old records so I thought I could do the same with old cartoons as well. The rights are even more complicated here so I've gotten around it by only embedding things that have already been posted by someone else, absolving me altogether.

I take no responsibility for anything removed by the rightholders, watermarks from previous second-generation sources, editing, cropping, or other ways links that have been broken by parties other than me. Once in a while you'll come across offensive racial stereotypes. Remember the cartoon is about the story and not about them.

Tales of the Wizard of Oz: THE BIG BROTHER
Rankin-Bass Productions, 1961
Educational Pictures Corporation, 1925
dir: Pat Sullivan Flippy: THE DOG, THE CAT, THE CANARY
Columbia/Screen Gems, 1945
dir: Howard Swift LITTLE YELLOW (Zheltik)
Soyuzmultfilm (USSR), 1966
dir: Youry Prytkov MONKEY MEAT
Terrytoon Cartoons, 1930
dirs: Paul Terry & Frank Moser Tennessee Tuxedo: THE LAMPLIGHTERS
Total Television, 1963
Treasure Films, 1963
dir: Don Caulfield Pink Panther: LUCKY PINK
Mirisch-Geoffrey-DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, 1968
dir: Hawley Pratt GIDDY-AP
United Productions of America, 1950
dir: Art Babbitt Cubby the Bear: HOW'S CROPS?
Van Beuren Studios, 1934
dir: George Stallings Woody Woodpecker: DROOLER'S DELIGHT
Walter Lantz Productions, 1949
dir: Dick Lundy FOX POP
Warner Brothers/Schlesinger Studios, 1942
dir: Charles M. Jones DIARY (Dnevnik)
Zagreb Film (YU), 1974
dir: Nedeljko Dragik MONSIEUR TÊTE
Les Films Armorial, 1959
dirs: Henri Gruel & Jan Lenica WINKY DINK AND YOU
Barry-Enright-Friendly Productions, 1953
dir: Kenneth Whelan

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