Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Coo-Coo Comics #41, 1 of 3

Now back to more funny animal cartoons. Another issue of Coo Coo Comics from Nedor/Standard/Pines/Better in September 1948. Publishers often used multiple names in their masthead in order to qualify for second-class mailing status (media mail of the time), This one says “Animated Cartoons, Inc.”

The GCD credits this to Vincent Fago (neé Fagaly), editor of the funny animal books for this publishing group.
This was usually the lead feature in Coo Coo Comics, it even had a solo book for a time, drawn by animator Milton Stein.
Frank Frazetta is usually credited as a sci-fi/fantasy artist, and that's almost exclusively what he did the last half of his life, but before that he was a commercial illustrator, once considered as a MAD regular, but when he started drawing the Conan paperbacks it became almost his exclusive domain. Before being an illustrator he was mostly a comics artist and here's an example of that work.

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