Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Comics #1, 1 of 4/ I'm Back

The computer where I stored all my blog images is back in commission, so now I can return to it. Hopefully in the three weeks I've not posted things regularly, people haven't forgotten it existed.

Up now we have The Comics #1 from Dell Comics in March 1937. Most of the first comic books were recycled Sunday strips and the size was one fourth of what was then the size of a newspaper page.

Not sure who the cover artist is on this
You Wouldn't Believe It by John Hix was originally Strange as it Seems
Wash Tubbs by Roy Crane has been kept in print but is more commonly known as Captain Easy
artist unknown
This J. R. Williams, not this one.
The information I have says this comes from a Big Little Book of the same name by Morton H. Cowen.

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