Thursday, June 1, 2017

cartoons I don't get

To be honest, although I post a lot of cartoons here, sometimes I don't get them. Here are a few.

Adam, July 1973
Good Humor, circa 1964
Harvard Lampoon, October 1902
Charles Rodrigues
Adam, July 1967
Sid Harris
Gent, October 1963
Frederick Opper Puck, 1893
Charles Dennis
Army/Navy Fun Parade, April 1953
Joseph Farris
Bold, July 1954
Leo Garel
Fun House, November 1980
Woody Kimbrell
California Girls, January 1973
Bill Hoest
Caper, November 1964
Esquire, January 1934
Man, April 1966


  1. I think I understand some of these:

    1. Acupuncturists don't give prescriptions.

    2. The woman think the tailor is trying to trick her into letting him touch her crotch.

    4. Joseph Gray could not afford a proper headstone.

    5. The black men are trying to have sex with the women and are acting like their efforts are akin to those of "sit-ins".

    7. Cartoon logic: turning the television sideways changes what the viewer is able to see.

    8. The child has stuffed her bra (perhaps a play on the trope of little girls putting on makeup?)

    9. The thing preventing John from being seen immediately should also prevent the woman from answering the door.

    10. The dog thinks that the public hair is an animal (possibly that the dog thinks it's a "pussy cat")

    11. The boxer has been crying out in mortal fear of his opponent, making him seem weak; his fighting abilities are overshadowed by his demeanor

    12. The woman doesn't want to be awake for sex (less sure about that one).

  2. 3. The freshman's real reception is much tamer (and boring) than expected.

    5. What foreigners admire as "Freedom of the press" consists of frivolous and risqué publications ("Read Double-Entendre")

    8. I hadn't necessarily thought about the girl stuffing her bra, seems the joke is that she has larger breasts than her mother. (The red skirt apparently only distracts from the joke.)

    12. I thought that the woman wants to keep her husband awake for sex, he's the one who isn't aware of this (and therefore refuses the coffee).

  3. Kind of a Twilight Zone thing?
    In avoiding the hell of facing rabid fans
    they exit elseways, only to step into the real hell?
    By the way, I really like that two-page spread with some unusual hellish conceptions.