Thursday, May 18, 2017


The man wants to watch the monkey have sex with the hippo, probably with the hope that it will put his companion in the mood. Why these two animals would be in the same cage, I don't know.
Lo Linkert
Adam, May 1968
The tattoo on his chest of the sun sets at the same time a regular sun would.
Caper, May 1960
He doesn't know that the duck call he's using is attracting an even bigger bird right behind him.
Topper, November 1964
The man is trying to get the other members of his deserted island to join his abstinence club but they won't listen.
Sid Harris
Debonair, November 1968
A pregnant woman doesn't know what to do and is seeking the advice of a doomsayer. Remember, this was a while before Roe vs. Wade.
Good Humor, circa 1964
He's so busy answering phones that he's tied his hands in a knot.
Escapade, December 1964
At one point, statutory rape for the purpose of a gag was not considered taboo. She knows she is a victim but promises not to tell as long as he buys her a fur coat. I hope I'm not arrested for posting this.
Dude, January 1961
Like the cartoon I posted previously, castaways do nothing but have sex.
Dude, September 1964
Exactly what the caption says, but because she is a buxom blonde and the type of magazine this cartoon appeared in, we are to infer the gift is sex.
Spree, January 1959
A man comes home to find his wife in bed with another man. He is threatening to shoot him but it turns out to be a practical joke with a novelty gun.
High, November 1958
The stripper is shy.
Man, January 1971
A burglar is holding up a publisher of childrens' books, and because of the setting, he is using the parlance of a Dick and Jane primer
Adam, May 1973
At the peak of abstract expressionism, cartoonists took advantage of the fact that the average person didn't get it. Here it is explained that the painter gets their effect by having accidents.
Monsieur, September 1965

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