Thursday, May 25, 2017

cartoons explained 2

This man was fed up with working, and has now taken up begging, which he explains on his sign. Though it is the reason one actually would beg.
Caper, May 1960
She is trying to make her husband jealous by being with another man, but he seems to be used to it by now and doesn't care.
Bluebook, August 1963
A beatnik, taking a phone survey, is on some kind of drug, giving a double meaning to the term “turned on”
Donald Reilly
Hi-Life, August 1964
The scientists are nervous creating the bomb and being very precise so as not to cause an explosion, while a third scientist is playing a practical joke by making a sound to simulate the explosion.
The Dude, November 1956
The wife of the artist is rightfully upset that he is spending too much time with a younger model.
Lee Lorenz
Playboy, December 1968
The couple is divorced, but still having sex nonetheless.
The Dude, July 1957
This woman is most likely a prostitute or possibly trying to snag a husband (pre-marital sex, though possibly practiced secretly, was not out in the open then to the extent it is now. In sleazier circles, it was common for the male to spread his seed anywhere anytime) by way of welcome mat.
Charles Dennis
Monsieur, September 1957
At a party, a man was attempting to only make small talk but was unable to resist his carnal urges and met his comeuppance.
Mr., March 1952
The man is either blind or pretending to be and is using the handicap as an excuse to feel the woman's breast.
Nugget, February 1956
A fish is attempting the next step in evolution becoming a land animal, much to the annoyance of its companion.
Charles Barsotti
Nugget, August 1963
A boxer is challenging another while already in the ring, using the school yard cliché of starting a fight by daring the opponent to knock a chip off his shoulder.
Sir!, May 1953
A young man is trying to attract the attention of a potential mate by grabbing her dress.
Bill Wenzel
Sir!, May 1953
Apparently this is a non-union shoot, since an actor is concerned that the powder kegs might be real.
Ace, January 1964

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  1. re: that first cartoon
    Years of trying and I still can't find
    anything about that (not-Dan) de Carlo cartoonist.