Monday, April 10, 2017

Sick #112, 1 of 3

Jumping around through all my issues of Sick, here's number 112 from October 1976.

Right after Jawsmade drive-in fare into big-budget releases, Hollywood saw the “popcorn” film as the new standard, and one of the anticipated releases was the King Kong remake later that year. It gets remade now every few years with the fanfare lasting a week or two, but then it was more of a big deal, before Star Wars perfected the hype and merchandising blitz.

This cover is by Jerry Grandenetti
I actually never heard of Don Adams' Screen Test until this parody.
Dave Manak
Nonoy Marcelo
I put a lot of humor magazines up but haven't put up many from before 1970 lately because Ger Apeldoorn is planning to start a new blog based on his book Behaving Mad-ly, for which I may be contributing occasionally. The book didn't have nearly enough room to cover everything and they couldn't trace all copyrights for print, so that's where the blog comes in. He has all the magazines, and displays all sorts of other comics ephemera on his blog The Fabulous Fifties.


  1. Mark Evanier has additional details about Don Adams Screen Test here:

  2. I wonder if he was bitter that years later there actually were blooper shows (one of which was co-incidentally hosted by Rickles).